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Finished Projects

Chip Taylor's gallery of finished works is a testament to his mastery in bronze sculpting, where each piece resonates with a blend of timeless elegance and innovative artistry. Immerse yourself in this exquisite collection, where the intricate details and profound emotions captured in bronze speak volumes of Chip's dedication to his craft.

Stalking Kúcu
Cast In Bronze
This is a half life-sized bronze that pays tribute to the Ute Indians that inhabited large areas of the Southwest. This bronze, titled Stalking Kúcu "(koo-choo)" which is the Ute Indian word for buffalo. Prior to the arrival of horses, one technique the Indians used to hunt kúcu was to disguise themselves as wolves. The poor sighted kúcu were used to wolves hanging around and would stand their ground allowing the hunters to get a close enough for a shot.  This piece captures the intense, adrenaline-filled moment, frozen in time where the sleek predator moves with calculated grace as he approaches his prey, every muscle taut with anticipation.
Hill Ferguson (1874-1971)
Life Size Bust
Hill Ferguson was a Birmingham, Alabama businessman and civic leader who served on the University of Alabama Board of Trustees for forty years. His devotion to the University was recognized when the student center was named in his honor. This life-sized bust of Mr. Ferguson was commissioned by the Ferguson family.
Star-Sullivan Trophy
30” figure in clay & 16" Cast in bronze
This 30" bronze was commissioned by the Alabama Hall of Fame to depict two giants in the history of Alabama football: Auburn University Heisman Trophy winner Pat Sullivan along with University of Alabama and Green Bay Quarterback legend Bart Starr. A smaller 16" version of this sculpture is used as a trophy for the "Starr-Sullivan Award" given periodically by the Hall of Fame to individuals that exhibit the lofty ideals of these two great men.
Nick Saban
1/4 Life Size in Bronze
This 1/4 life-sized sculpture of legendary college coach Nick Saban was commissioned by Monday Morning Quarterback Club of Birmingham, Alabama and is used as the Saban Trophy which is awarded annually to college coaches whose influence transcends what is seen on the football field. It captures Coach Saban in a teaching moment with a young football player. Coach Saban's ability to prepare his players for life both on and off the field make him arguably the greatest coach of all time. The Saban Award has been described as the Heisman Trophy for college football coaches.
Life Size
This life-sized badger is a commissioned piece for my neighbor in Colorado who is originally from Wisconsin. It is installed on a rock in the middle of his circular drive in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.